Rob Poole

27th August 2012

Today we've rolled out another new feature for our LaunchNet quote software - attachments.

Thanks to the feedback we've been getting from our customers we've learned that a lot of you wish you could attach files when you're sending quotes - similar to how you would when sending an email - so that's what we've built.

Now when you go into your quotes you'll see a new fourth section at the bottom to manage your attachments. Simply choose the file you wish to attach and this will be saved against the quote. Now whenever you send this quote it will come with your attachments - no need to keep attaching it!

At the moment the types of file you can upload are limited to GIF, JPG, PNG, Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, Publisher Presentations, PDFs and plain text files. Hopefully this will be enough for now!

Remember to keep that feedback coming - we've got a few other updates in the mill that should be coming shortly so stay tuned!

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