Invoicing Module

Rob Poole

5th September 2012

This week we've got an exciting new feature that we've rolled out across our quote software - invoicing.

When you log into your LaunchNet account you'll now see a "Modules" section on your home page. Hopefully by now you will all be familiar with the quote module but now you've also got the option to activate the "Invoicing" module. The reason we've made it as a module is so that if you're not interested in sending invoices then we don't want to clutter up your system, but if you do then you're a couple of clicks away.

When you click on the invoicing module link from the home page you'll be taken to your system configuration page. At the bottom of this page is where you'll find the ability to set up your invoicing module. You can choose your payment period which will be used to calculate the due date of the invoice, and then you can also choose if you'd like your invoice numbers to be automatically generated, or if you don't if you'd like to use a prefix for your invoice numbers.

Once you've activated your invoicing module you should now find an additional menu item of "Invoicing" next to products on the blue menu.

To create an invoice you'll want to go into your quotes list where you should now also see an additional column entitled "Invoice". The button in this column will take your quote and convert it into an invoice which you can then access from your new "Invoicing" page. Creating an invoice will lock down the original quote so it can no longer be edited.

Now you've got access to your new invoice you can treat it very similarly to how you would a quote; you can edit it, preview it and send it to your clients. On the invoicing page you will then be able to filter invoices by date, client and whether or not they've been sent or not.

We hope that you find this new functionality to be of a great benefit to your businesses and we will of course be looking out for any future feedback on this feature as well as others - we've still got plenty of new functionality in the pipeline!

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