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Accept/Decline Functionality

Rob Poole 15th May 2012

Today we've rolled out new functionality that allows our users include "Accept Quote" and "Decline Quote" buttons on their quotes. Notification of these responses will be emailed to the user and your quote status will be updated accordingly.

This feature is of course optional - you should see a "Include Response Buttons" checkbox on your email preview.

We're also thinking about ways to address a "negotiate" or "inquire" response feature in a way to initiate communication and drive the quote forward. Look for more on that in the future.

Coming Soon: Multiple Currencies, Increased Customisation and more!

Rob Poole 27th March 2012

In light of some of the feedback we've received from our users we're going to be focusing our efforts on the upcoming functionality:

Firstly we're going to implement multiple currency functionality, allowing users to select a currency for a quote which will then apply this across all prices displayed on the quote.

Secondly we'll be adding the ability to customise the tax rules you want to apply on your quotes to give you more flexibility and accuracy when quoting your customers.

We'll also be looking into ways to further develop the quote form to allow users to attach images and further enrich their layouts.

Other than that please keep the feedback coming and we look forward to pushing out further developments and letting you know about new ideas in the future.

New Development Blog

Rob Poole 26th March 2012

Here at LaunchNet we're constantly working on developing our quote software system in an attempt to deliver the best possible service for our customers. Since we implemented our feedback form we've had lots of great feedback from our users and they've also given us a lot of great ideas that we look forward to developing.

With all this development going on we thought we'd best keep you up-to-date, and the best way to do that is with this development blog. We'll use this medium to let you know about new functionality as we release it as well as things we'll be working on in the future.

So stay tuned and look for some exciting new features and announcements in the very near future.

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