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Rob Poole 18th May 2012

In light of some of the feedback we've had, today we've added a link to the bottom of all quotes that will give your clients an opportunity to view a printer-friendly version of your quotes on our website.

Hopefully this will lead to more of your quotes being kept on record and further increasing your odds of converting business!

White text fix

Rob Poole 16th May 2012

We've also noticed that a lot of our users like to use the white background on their emails but the way we set up our quotes was to use the same colour for links and titles as the background colour. We've now amended this to ensure there isn't any white text on white background. We've solved this by switching our the white text for a dark grey that will match the other text on the quote.

There's also been a lot of great ideas coming in via the feedback feature and consequently we're going to be rolling out a lot of these features in the coming months.

Accept/Decline Functionality

Rob Poole 15th May 2012

Today we've rolled out new functionality that allows our users include "Accept Quote" and "Decline Quote" buttons on their quotes. Notification of these responses will be emailed to the user and your quote status will be updated accordingly.

This feature is of course optional - you should see a "Include Response Buttons" checkbox on your email preview.

We're also thinking about ways to address a "negotiate" or "inquire" response feature in a way to initiate communication and drive the quote forward. Look for more on that in the future.

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