Quotation Format

Below is an example of a broken down quote template.

This example shows you which sections are editable using our software.

  • Colours and Effects
  • With Launchnet you can choose your background colour to match your company colours. We also offer the ability to add a glow to the top of your template to offer a little more style.
  • quotation-format-top

  • Add your company logo and contact details
  • The next step is to add your company logo with you can simply upload using our file uploader. You won't need to resize your image either because our program will do this for you! Following that you can add your website address, email and phone number.
  • quotation format logo

  • Quote details and the customer details
  • Firstly you will see a quote number and the date of your quote. This will change automatically with each new quote. The rest is for you to choose from a drop down list of customers which you have set up earlier or if its a one off customer you can fill out with the customer details using the provided form.
  • quotation format customer details

  • Quote overview
  • Here you can insert a summary of the labouring/ product or service you are offering.
  • quotation format overview

  • Quote price
  • This section can quickly be updated by choosing from a list of products or services that you have generated earlier. Alternatively if this product is a one off, you can enter these details just the onces using the provided form. The format shows the individual prices including the item name, description, unit price and quantity, followed by the total price with and without the VAT.
  • quotation format price

  • Quote footer
  • The bottom of the quote will show your address if you wish to show it, with the option to link to your terms and conditions website page and also link to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • quotation format bottom