Top 10 Best Ways to Increase Business

Here are some tried and tested suggestions on how to generate more business:

1. Professional website
Your website can be the first impression that many people have of your business, so it is worth ensuring that your website is looking professional and easily highlights what services your business offers. Additionally, optimising your website is a beneficial way to direct more visitors to your website.

2. Listen to your Customers
Ensuring your customers are happy with the service they receive is essential for a successful business. Listening to your customers and taking on board their feedback, allows you to learn what the customer requires and adapt where necessary.

3. Networking
Networking at relevant meetings or events that target your specialised industry is an excellent way to publicise your business and gain potential customers. Be proactive by joining relevant committees where possible to make your business known. Creating a good impression and building relationships, is an excellent approach at such events - if people like you, they are likely to direct business to you and recommend you to others.

4. News Releases
Write a regular article in the local newspaper that will publicise your services to a wider audience or include an insert in a magazine that will target your niche market. Updating your website with regular features to publicise your services, is also extremely useful. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are an effective way of online advertising.

5. Advertising
Paid advertisements in local directories, newspapers or magazines can be valuable methods of promoting your businesss, as long as your advert is clear and professional.

6. Public Speaking
Volunteer to be a speaker at organisations or network meetings to spread the word about your products and services and why potential customers should choose you.

7. Referrals
Building working relationships with professionals or small business owners who have a similar target market but are not direct competitors can earn you some customers. Earning trust is an important aspect to being awarded good referrals.

8. Word of mouth – Repeat business
Excellent customer service is a key ingredient to any successful business. If a customer is happy with the service, they are very likely to come back for more and recommend you.

9. Building a Good Reputation
Having an organised and consistent approach throughout your business will convey a significant level of professionalism. This will create a good impression and potential customers are more likely to hire your services, if you are reliable and are rapid at responding.

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