Quote Now Not Later

"I'm sorry, I have already accepted a quote from someone else" says the customer you finally got around to calling. An all too common situation for the busy Owner Manager.

This scenario is frustrating to say the least, at best it's a missed opportunity for a one off order that you might not have won had you quoted sooner. At worst is a lost long term customer who you know would have liked your quote better than the one they accepted.

This situation is so common, it has a name; the cyclical business problem. When you are busy you don't have time to quote so when the orders are fulfillled you have nothing to do. When you have nothing to do you send lots of quotes and do lots of business development. Which in turn generates lots of work so the cycle perpetuates.

This is a trap businesses fall into consistently and makes for a rollercoaster ride fraught with knee jerk decisions and worry.

How can you plan business expansion if in your experience, the level of work coming in fluctuates so dramatically? How can you relax even in good times if you can see the start of a bad period on the horizon.

The problem is simple;

"If you do what you've always done you will win what you've always won."

The answer is Launchnet;

Register Now to start generating business.

The launchnet Business Development Engine is simple to use, simple to understand and simple to benefit from. By using a custom product and services list and a customised email friendly template creation of quotes can be reduced to minutes.

once you have completed the quotation, you simply email it to your customer and you are done.

During the construction of the quote you would have been asked to enter a "Next Action Date". This is the date when you think you would need to follow up on the quotation. When this date is reached, the system sends you an email stating this opportuntiy needs attention. ( and keeps sending them until you do something!)

That's it! everything else the system does is really irrelevant. Users of the system will attest to the returns they have gained in terms of increased conversions and business stability.

If you think this system could work for you, Register Now and give it a try. We know it works!

At worst it will cost you £30, at best is explained above.