What to include on your quotes

When producing business quotations for your customers or clients, there are a few things which you need to include:

Number 1 – What’s included in the price, explain what you will do for the client - for the agreed price. This ensures everyone is aware of what’s going to be completed and saves embarrassing or uncomfortable conversations later on.

Number 2 – Make it clear that the price is either inclusive or exclusive of VAT, consumers don’t like to be quoted plus VAT prices –they want to see what they actually have to pay, on the flip side VAT registered businesses want to see the ex VAT price as this is affectively what they have to pay.

Number 3 – Every quote needs to have a Quote reference number as you may end up changing quotes or issuing new quotes – having a quote reference makes it easy for you and your client to be clear about which quote you are discussing.

Number 4 – Make sure your business branding is clear and visible on the quote – this will help your business stand out amongst others who use generic quote templates.

Number 5 – Your business contact information must be very obvious, don’t make the client have to think about trying to locate your phone number and email address.

Number 6 – Summarise the total costs of the quote so the client can see your headline price at a glance, don’t make them read through several pages of general information to get to the price- which is really the most important part of the quote.

Number 7 – If you are a limited company, make sure your registered address information, registration and VAT numbers are visible on the quote – this isn’t a legal requirement, but it does add a level of professionalism to your quote.

Number 8 – What are your payment terms? Make sure the client can see what your payment terms are, it makes it easier for them to accept your quote. so print these on the back of the quote or embed a link to your website where the terms can be seen.

Numbers 9 – Regardless of the products or services you offer, it’s always a good idea to make the client aware of your terms and conditions or at least make it easy for them to view these, so print these on the back of the quote or embed a link to your website where the terms and conditions can be read.

Number 10 – The content of the quote is important, however there are two key principals to remember – 1)send quotes out as soon as possible 2)Follow up on the quotes you have produced.
The more quotes you send out, the more business you have the potential to win, the more quotes you follow up on the more business you will convert.

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