What to Look for in Quote Software

When deciding which Quote Software best suits you and your business you have to consider the product from two sides; yours and your potential customers.

You need a product that is straight forward to use, whilst being comprehensive enough to include all the features that are essential for practical businesses. Your customers want to see a finished product that is clear and easy to understand, whilst representing the quality and standard of your business.

From a usability standpoint the quote software should be easy to use – because if it’s costing you time to use it then it’s costing you money. You don’t want to waste your time getting bogged down in extraneous and excessive configuration settings and software setup when your customer is waiting to hear from you. LaunchNet is an example of an easy to use piece of software, thanks to its simplicity and user-friendly layout. Once you’ve logged in you can have a quote sent out to a customer within five minutes – and you don’t have to be a computer whiz to accomplish this. And even if you want to spend some time configuring all the features LaunchNet has to offer - such as custom templates, colour schemes and product catalogues – then the chances are you still won’t be taking up any more than 15 minutes of your day. In fact LaunchNet is so quick and easy to use that you can easily generate and send quotes to your customers whilst on the phone with them – giving you a huge advantage as your customer will have the numbers and information they need in front on them whilst you talk.

Describing your services and products to your customers is a standard part of the selling process, but this process stalls when your customer has to figure out how much everything is going to cost whilst trying to remember everything that was quoted. The ideal quote software package should produce a quote that gives your customer all the information they need at their fingertips – the product or service description, the unit cost, quantities and of course the total price. The LaunchNet quote software system present all of these key aspects in a clear and easy to navigate email or printout so your customer will always be able to get straight to the information they need. You can even add links to further resources such as terms and conditions from your own website.

LaunchNet quoting software also keeps working long after you’ve sent the quote – thanks to its reminders system you’ll receive notifications alerting you of quotes you need to follow up on, based on your chosen action date. You can even use Launchnet business quote software to track potential business as well as your successful quotes.

When choosing your quote software you have to make sure you’re making the right decision for you and your business. LaunchNet could be just what your business needs – Register Now to start taking advantage and join countless others who have proven that more quotes leads to more business.