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Below is a Electrical Quote template produced by Launchnet Business Development Engine

This quotation took approximately 2 minutes to prepare as all items were picked from a list of available products and services to suit the specific requirements.


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Quote Number: Net00026 6th June 2020 (Last updated 17th April 2012)
Customer Name: DC Designs Ltd Contact Name: Mr Smith
Quote Title: Electrical Quote Template Total Cost: £276.12 + VAT


This is the part of the quotation where details of timeframe and specifics for the Electrical Quote would be added. e.g.

Installation of wall sockets on second floor before plastering.

You may add other details about you method of work and electrical standards.


Item Description Unit Price Quantity Price
Double Wall Sockets wht 40mm Double wall sockets with back box. White. pack of 2 3.89 8 31.12
Hours Rate Standard Hourly Rate for during working Hours 35.00 7 245.00
Total Price: £276.12
VAT: £55.22
Total Price: £331.34


The Building The Road This town This Country IP23 6TR GB
Registered VAT No. GB76876876     Company Reg. No. 43 225345
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