Online Invoicing Software

Launchnet have expanded their quote software to also include the ability to convert your quotes into invoices.

As with the quote software the online invoicing software is just as simple and easy to use. The program guides you through the steps in a user friendly way, allowing you to create invoices as simply as you did your quotes.

In the 'Quotes' section there is now an option for creating invoices. Clicking on this icon will allow you to begin the process of changing your quote to an invoice. The process of changing your quote into an invoice, allows you to update the customer details; add any additional information into the invoice, such a payment terms or delivery. You are then shown the invoice details; in this section you can see all the details from the quote you originally sent to the customers. However, you are also given the option to include new options.

Having completed this, you are then given the option to preview y our invoice before sending it. You will see the whole invoice exactly as your customer would and if you are happy you are able to send the invoice. Not only can you do this, but the invoicing software gives you the option to email a copy to you and to include a breakdown of the invoice.

In the invoice section of the software you can keep track of all the invoices you have sent, just as you do with the quotes; meaning that it is just as easy to keep track of your invoices. You can easily see the value, the date sent and when the invoice is due.

To make the online invoicing software even more user friendly, we will be adding an additional column that will allow you to mark when your customer has made payment, and when you have invoices that are overdue.