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Below is an example of a plumbing quotation template created using Launchnet.

This quotation took approximately 2 minutes to prepare as all items were picked from a list of available products and customised to suit the specific plumbing job. This allowed the plumber the ability to prepare numerous quotes in less than half an hour.

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Plumbing Quote Template

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Quote Number: Net00084 6th June 2020 (Last updated 4th September 2014)
Customer Name: A New Customer Contact Name: Mike Smith
Quote Title: Bathroom installation Total Cost: £390.97 + VAT


This plumbing quote is based on two trained plumbers installing a new toilet, sink and bath unit over one day.


Item Description Unit Price Quantity Price
Bath Installation Installing the bath. 199.99 1 199.99
Toilet Installation Installing the toilet 109.99 1 109.99
Sink Installation Installing the sink. 79.99 1 79.99
Test Test 1.00 1 1.00
Total Price: £390.97


12 Plumber Road Norwich Norfolk NR1 1PB GB

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